Student Spotlight: Kyle Swaters


Courtesy of Kyle Swaters.

Alan McGonigle, Sports Writer

Kyle Swaters, a sophomore here at Santaluces is amazing both on the baseball diamond and in the classroom. After playing baseball for since elementary school, how did his passion for baseball start?

“My dad, he is from Kansas City and always loved the Royals when growing up. He used to take me out and play catch with me before I ever played in a league. He always told me his favorite player was George Brett and I became hooked on the game” he said.  The challenge and the mental aspect of the game really allowed me to grow to love it.”

Not only does Kyle excel in baseball, but also in school. He’s in the top 10% of the sophomore class.

“The largest part in managing both is understanding what needs to be done and how long you have to do it. There are always lots of games during the baseball season and lots of assignments to get through,” he said. ” On days where baseball clashes with school work, I try to limit myself from distractions and just get everything done.”

Aside from school work and baseball, leisure time for Kyle involves music.

“Playing guitar is my second passion next to baseball. I love music, specifically good old classic rock. Learning and playing guitar is a good mental workout and there is no better feeling than to ramp the amp up loud and jam out to some Van Halen!” said the sophomore.

Kyle is also looked highly upon not only by his coaches, but also by his teachers. Especially Sound Engineering teacher Mr.Velazquez.

“Since I’ve met Kyle, he has been a great student,” said Mr. Velazquez. “He always works really hard, if there is a task that needs to be done he is not a student that complains, he just gets it done. He is also a really great musician as well, he plays the guitar awesome.”