Chiefs Spring Game a Preview of Next Year


Alan McGonigle

Chief Field will host the Spring Varsity football game on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Alan McGonigle, Sports Writer

The 2015 football Chief’s are looking to rebound after a disappointing season. Although the performance last year was not on par, this only makes the players hungry to prove themselves. Players are looking to showcase their talent to the coaches in an attempt to bring Santaluces back to glory.

This year’s Spring Football game will show fans a preview of what next year’s team will possibly be. The Chiefs will face Centennial High School Port St. Lucie.

Coach Bradley is looking to improve on his first year of coaching at Santaluces. Not only is this game vital to see how the chief’s football will look, but it is also to make a statement to the county.

In the spring game, the Chiefs will have to control the game against a Centennial side that went (6-6) last season. The Eagles from Port St. Lucie will also be trying to break down the Chiefs at home. This game is by far no pushover for the team, Centennial will be a tough team to crack. During their inconsitent

For the Chiefs, superstar linebacker Zach McCloud will lead the defense. Overall, this will serve as a huge task for the Boy’s in red, but many feel the Chief’s will pull of the W in Chief territory. The game starts at 6 p.m. and tickets are $5.