Chiefs Shine On Senior Night

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

The Chiefs played and defeated the Boynton Beach Tigers on one of the most important nights of the season, Senior night.

Santaluces honored four seniors: Shaun O’Connor, Mark Sojous, Sean Dinkins, and Job Jean-Baptiste.

“It was a great experience, I was kind of nervous,” said Dinkins. “But then, at the same time I had to play for my school and get the win.”

After the ceremony, it was time to play some ball. The Chiefs got off to a hot start with a dominating 22 points in the first quarter. Boynton was rattled in the first and only put 9 points on the board. The second quarter was a little different, with Boynton responding with 17 points and chipping away at the deficit.

At halftime the score was 34-26 in favor to Santaluces. Not much changed in the second half, as Santaluces was pulling away and getting closer and closer to their fifth straight victory. In the third, the Chiefs played some physical basketball as Santaluces and Boynton were even with 11 points at the end of the third. In the final quarter, Santaluces edged out Boynton with 15 points compared to Boynton’s 12.

For the ending to the perfect story, Seniors Sean Dinkins and Shaun O’Connor combined for over 31 points this game they led the Chiefs to their fifth straight win.

Next, the Chiefs will face off in an away game against Forest Hill as they look to continue their win streak. Santaluces is now in the driver’s seat to play in a district game as they fight for a district title and possibly a state title.


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