Chiefs Qualify for The State Wrestling Tournament

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

The Chiefs wrestling team received great news over the weekend. Seniors Kareem Thomas and Gabriel Burzycki have qualified for the state wrestling tournament. The duo have had a great final season in the red and white.

Thomas and Burzycki both qualify with fellow wrestlers from all over the county. Wellington High School had the highest amount of qualifiers with over nine of their wrestlers moving on to the state tournament.

Gabriel Burzycki gave insight on what it was like to qualify for states.

“It feels great because this has been the goal for the both of us since the beginning of our wrestling careers. We put so much heart and dedication into this sport and now this is the chance to show everyone how much work we put in,” said Burzycki. “This is our last year of doing wrestling and we want to show out and do our best and the results clearly have shown.”

Not only Gabriel and Kareem, but Coach Franco has also recognized both of their greatness.

“You have one of the longest seasons in high school athletics, we have such a good variety of students that are gifted and blessed, we have district champions, conference champions, and two state qualifiers in Kareem Thomas and in Gabriel Burzycki,” said Franco. “They’re at states right now and are doing weigh ins. Hopefully both of them can perform and place this year.”

Overall, these Chiefs are looking to top off their career with a state title and to come out on top for their final rodeo.