Boxing’s Next Mega Fight



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Matthew Leto, Staff Writer

The sport of boxing has been diminishing in the last decade. The primary cause is the failure to have a mega fight.

Many boxing officials believed Mayweather-Pacqaio would boost the sport’s popularity. However, the fight did more hurting than helping for the sport. The match concluded in a judge’s decision in favor of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and featured little to no action what so ever.

Despite most of the boxing promoters’ failure to schedule a mega fight, there is still a chance to save boxing. A potential Canelo Alvarez versus Gennady Golovkin could return boxing as the world’s prominent sport.

Alvarez is only 25, however he has a 47-1-1 record with 33 knockouts. Notable wins include victories over: Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosely and Amir Khan. Alvarez’s only defeat was a majority decision in favor of Floyd Mayweather that generated huge controversy.

Alvarez has knocked out five of his last ten opponents, recently defeating Amir Khan with a six round knockout. Alvarez has an orthodox approach with knockout power.

Golovkin is 34, and has never been defeated with a 35-0 record and 32 knockouts. Notable victories include wins against,Willie Monroe Jr. and David Lemieux both of which ended with early knockouts.

Golovkin has knocked out his last 22 opponents, with 17 knockouts coming in the first 7 rounds. Golovkin also, used an orthodox approach with the best knockout power since Mike Tyson.

The promoters of these two superstars need to set this mega fight as soon as possible while both fighters are at their best.

My prediction – The knockout power Golovkin posses will overwhelm Alvarez like never before. I predict Golovkin to deliver a ninth round knockout to settle the debate over the number 1 spot pound for pound.

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