Boca Serves Chiefs a Loss

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

The Chiefs came into Wednesday night (6-1) taking on rival Boca Raton. The Chiefs lost in three straight sets, 14-25, 18-25 and 8-25. The Chiefs dropped to 6-2 on the season.

The first set looked good early on for the Chiefs with great play by Juniors Juliana Miranda and Alexia Mandoeng. Although great play by the Chiefs, Boca was dominate, the Chiefs lost the set 14-25.

In the second set, the Chiefs played with high energy as Seniors Gina Ausiello and  Summer Becker played spectacularly. The Chiefs lead early, however, the Chiefs still came up short with a 18-25 loss.

The Chiefs lost some confidence from dropping the first two sets, and Boca Raton wanted to close the match out in three sets. The Chiefs dropped the final set 8-25.

Senior Sebastian Gonzalez weighed in after the game.

“The Chiefs played a great team, even though they came up short,” Gonzalez said. “Boca Raton is very talented, and the Chiefs did not back down.”