Chiefs Claw Tigers on Senior Night

Matthew leto, Sports Editor

The Chiefs came into senior night 16-8 taking on the Boynton Beach Tigers.The Chiefs were victorious in three straight sets and improved to 17-8 on the season.\

The first set looked good early on for the Chiefs,  junior Alexia Mandoeng and senior Bianka Monis contributed heavily. With great play by the Chiefs, they dominated the first set winning 25-9.

In the second set, the Chiefs played with high energy as seniors Kyli Zeeman and Summer Becker played spectacularly. The Chiefs lead the whole second set, winning 25-7.

The Chiefs were firing on all cylinders in the third set, behind senior Gina Ausiello. The Chiefs cruised to a 25-14 victory.

The Chiefs honored five seniors tonight in their final home game as a Chief: Gina Ausiello, Summer Becker, Bianka Monis, Kyli Zeeman and Mikayla Soto. Senior Kyli Zeeman weighed in on the game.

“This was a great win,” Zeeman said. “This was a great way to end the season.”