Cubs Punch Ticket to World Series

Joseph Matuella, Staff Writer

After nearly 71 years of ending each season empty handed, the North Side of Chicago was hysterical on Saturday night as their “Cubbies” punched their ticket to the fall classic against Terry Francona’s Cleveland Indians.

The Cubs won the the series against the Dodgers 4-2, earning the title of “National League Champions”.

The Dodgers stood behind their ace Clayton Kershaw, who already shut down the Cubs in a previous game. Most critics were in favor of the win being in LA’s favor, but the Cubbies ended the game 5-0, raising the white “W” flag in the outfield sky.

The Dodgers quickly fell behind as the Cubs scored two runs in the bottom of the first, followed by the Cubs scoring three more runs in the next four innings. The final run was scored by Anthony Rizzo hitting a solo home run that flew for 392 feet. Rizzo, who saw a season with 102 losses in 2012, is now part of the fourth Cub’s World Series team in 109 years after closing out a season with 103 wins.

Very few long-time fans are getting the opportunity to watch their Cubs get a fourth shot at a championship, and their first shot at ending the Curse of the Billy Goat. With the National League Championship won, nothing stands in their way at a fair shot as they enter the World Series against the Cleveland Indians.

Now the World Series is featuring two teams that if you told someone twenty years ago they would make it to a world series, they would scoff and call you crazy. The Cleveland Indians are nearly in the same boat as the Cubs, winning their last world series in 1948.

These are two teams with one goal in sight, make history.