Girls Soccer Preview

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

The beginning of fall is not only the beginning of cooler weather, but the dawn of the high school soccer season. Our Chiefs are in gear and grinding towards turning a new chapter in the name of the Santaluces girls soccer program.

The Chiefs have serious talent in junior Chloe Cohen, who is poised to have a stellar season. The Chiefs will look to improve team work and defensive discipline this season.

The team looks prepared and determined for another chance to play soccer, let’s see how our Chiefs answer to their first taste of the season.

Come out and support the Chiefs on October 31st, at home against Atlantic Eagles.

Junior Chloe Cohen weighed in on this upcoming season.

“True champions aren’t always the ones that win,” Cohen said. “But those who play the hardest are real champions.”


I predict the Chiefs to have five wins, three draws, and thirteen losses this season.