Ezekiel Elliot Will be the MVP

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

Ezekiel Elliot is a rookie running back on the Dallas Cowboys and is destined for greatness. Elliot has led the Cowboys to a 10-1 start to the season.

Elliot was unstoppable when he was an Ohio State Buckeye and has not stopped since transitioning to the NFL. Elliot has already rushed for 1,199 rushing yards and scored 11 rushing touchdowns in only 11 games. That would put him on pace for 1,762 rushing yards and 14 rushing yards touchdowns, which would be legendary for any running back, let alone a rookie.

Elliot praises his offensive line for his early success, but his dashing ability to shoot the gaps is unmatched. Once Elliot gets into space, there is no stopping this man. Elliot is no question the front runner for the offensive rookie of the year honors.

Elliot’s competition for the award is likely to be New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who was suspended the first four games of the season, but has put up historic numbers as well as Elliot.

Legendary Cleveland Brown’s running back Jim Brown is the only other player to win the MVP as a rookie. It is fitting that the only other player to accomplish the feat plays the same position as Elliott.

I can not imagine what Elliot will do next.