Boys Soccer Strives to Keep Prestige

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

In the home opener for the 2017-2018 boys soccer season, the Chiefs took on Palm Beach Centrals Broncos in a high scoring match ending in a 4-4 tie.

The game began as any other, the Chiefs and Broncos passing back and forth spreading the ball fairly evenly across the field getting a feel for one another. However, the Broncos took an early lead with the first goal of the game  only 15 minutes in, followed by a second just a few minuets later.

With a 0-2 lead the game seemed to be over quickly as the crowd began to lose hope, thinking that the monstrous team of last season might just stay in last season. But, the team took the score as motivation and moved straight into high gear as just moments later Chiefs senior Washington Sena drove a goal straight into the box, kicking off what would be a high scoring comeback for the varsity squad.

The Chiefs regrouped for half time to work out their plan of attack, developing a high speed routine that would lead to a series of moves to cut off several PBC players, leaving them at the mercy of SHS strikers. The Chiefs retained ball control for most of the remainder of the game and with that ball control led to a barrage of scores.

Markenly Dubreil, senior, executed a striking goal erupting the crowd following the break. PBC scored another goal in the second for a 2-3 game. Daniel Edwards, senior, scored the third, tying the game at 3-3 and the crowd was ecstatic. Just a few moments later, senior Chief Markenly Dubreil scored again taking the game to 4-3. With just 10 minutes remaining, PBC took one last shot and scored to tie the final score at 4-4.

Although the game was not a solid win for the refreshed team, it did provide a glimpse into the playing dynamic of the squad. They demonstrated the ability to keep a live ball constantly moving up field with clean passes and crisp communication among one another.

Last season the Chiefs held an almost perfect season going¬†13-2-4 with a 12 game winning streak, just short of going to states. The big question for this team is “Can they live up to last season?”

For now the team is looking clean, with hopes up and strikers ready.