New Softball Coach Profile

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

Recently we gained a new Varsity Softball Coach.

Stephanie Aurigemma has been playing softball since she was three years old. Her dad is in the Softball Hall of Fame, which is one of the reasons why she joined. She grew up mostly playing softball due to her dad’s success and dedication to the sport and she played for her high school team.

When she moved to Florida on July 15, 2010 she attempted to join a Slow Pitch Softball League but found that she prefers to be a fast pitch baller. She has been coming to Boynton Beach since 2006 when she used to live in Marlboro New York. She said her favorite part about coaching is “being able to mentor and share my knowledge and love for the sport.” Her favorite part of playing is getting home runs and she feels that the best part of playing is the feeling after she hits a home run.

She was volunteered by Aly Cooley to be the new softball coach for Santaluces. Her favorite softball quote that she always says to the girls on the team is “You will never score if your foot is still on first.” She loves to call her girls ballers because she thinks every last one of them has the potential to be an amazing player, and she picked the girls she did because she felt that they all have drive and determination. Before she started coaching the Santaluces team she used to coach recreation and travel softball in Palm Beach County. The thing that she is most looking forward to this season is “bringing home a banner to put up in the gym. Go chiefs!”

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