Chiefs Volleyball: New Season

Madison Elia , Sports Editor

The Lady Chiefs Varsity and JV volleyball team are in their new season and are already serving, bumping and setting in hopes of redeeming themselves from last seasons record of 8-9, of which consisted of 17 games in total for the 2017 season.

The JV team has had a suprising start to their season winning the first 3 games against schools such as Suncoast, Olympic Heights and Palm beach Lakes. With help from players such as Lizmar Mendoza saving the games with serves leading to wins, setters such as Freshman Samantha Elia and Junior Angelica Torres and saves from Kylie Savela and Amanda Arthurs, the team looks like they may have a good shot this season at winning most of the games and hopefully the next, while this leaves most of the JV players room to maybe catch the  head coach of Varsity for a possible spot in their lineup next season.

The Varsity team although losing most their seniors last year have not looked as though they have taken much of a loss yet. The team is in high hopes to continue striving for a successful record and hopefully making it all the way to Districts. Keeping this in the back of their minds will possibly make the games more competitive and fun, as they intend to get intense with each team they match up with. The closer the time begins to run out on the clocks to end the season, Seniors such as Alicia Demar, Francesca Dulysse, Kristen Hackl, Isabel Muro, Gabby Villanueva,  and AJ Gibson look to make this their last and best season possible.

Both teams are showing Chief pride strongly with each game they continue to play their hearts out in, the passion that each girl holds and the work gone into playing for the volleyball team itself has shown on and off the court. As their have only been 5 games played their are still many more to go and keeping in our hopes a lot more dubs then L’s taken.  Games will end officially October 11th, so come support the Lady Chiefs Volleyball while their is still time to cheer them on to Districts!