Boys Varsity Volleyball Senior Night


Madison Elia

The three seniors, accompanied by Principal Robison and the coaches.

Madison Elia, Co-Editor

The Santaluces Chiefs boys volleybal team will be saying goodbye to three seniors this year.

The boys volleyball team had just recently finished their season, Senior Kyle Kangas, AJ, and Jamie all had an exciting end to their season.

All three will be continuing onto college next year.

Kyle Kangas, 4 time varisty boys volleyball player. Kyle will be attending Florida Atlantic University next year. Kyle is pursing a major in Crime Scene Forensics. Kyle stated,

“I am going to miss having classes with familiar faces in them, and mainly my friends that I have grown so close to over the four years here at Santaluces.”

Angerlyns Julceus, also known as “AJ”. AJ will be attending Keiser University, AJ is undecided.

“Moments that turn into memories are the best one’s, especially when playing a sport.”