Powderpuff: 2021 Beats 2020


Rudolph Civil

Dannielle Copp is running the ball through the junior’s defenses.

Rudolph Civil and Charlize Quinto

The Powderpuff game between the juniors and the seniors ended with a score of 14-6.

Late Monday afternoon, the seniors and juniors played against each other.

During the first half, the seniors scored a touchdown, but the referee called it back due to a penalty. Both teams did not score at this time.

In the second half, in under four minutes, the juniors scored a touchdown. Afterwards, the seniors were on offense, but had a turnover due to a lack of downs. When the juniors were on offense, the quarterback scored a touchdown, causing the juniors to lead with a score of 14-0.

After the second half, the seniors scored a touchdown in the last minute. But, they failed to score a two-point conversion, leaving the score at 14-6.



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