“No one will be putting us on their Homecoming schedule.”

Rudolph Civil, Staff Writer

The Chiefs defeated the Cobras 22-17 last Friday night for the district championship. Eric Wallace and Valdemar Carnegie returned to football after recovering from their injuries.

In the first half, Park Vista scored the first touchdown of the night. The Chiefs came back scoring a touchdown by Eric Wallace and a two point conversion with Sydney Wood. This 50 yard touchdown by Eric changed the mood of the game, as it gave the players faith that they could win the game.

In the second half, the Chiefs scored two more touchdowns with Kobe Lewis and Valdemar Carnegie, while Sydney Wood scored another two point conversion.

In the fourth quarter with 1:03 on the clock, Coach Coe started to knee the ball, with Park Vista having 2 timeouts. On fourth down, Kobe Lewis ran back with the football causing a safety and had to kick off the ball. After the kick off return, the Chiefs got the tackle and the game ended.