Boys Basketball Earns First Win of the Season


King Metelus passing the ball to Chance Dixon.

After this game was rescheduled for December 12th, the Chiefs basketball team won their first game of the season against Spanish River, 54-37.

During the three quarters the Chiefs scored 6 points in the first, 10 points in the second, and 18 points in the third. In the final quarter, the starting line up stepped up and scored 20 points. This ended the game with a blow out of 54-37 for the Chiefs.

This year, Chiefs boy basketball looks different from any other year. The boys are struggling to find a star within the team, with only one of their players scoring in the double digits. Every other player had less than 8 points and 9 players scored.

The star of the game is Crisnel Francois, he scored 18 points this game and played amazing defense in the fourth quarter to stop the Sharks from scoring.

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