The Legacy of Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant's Instagram

Bryant is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, winning two NBA championships.

Rudolph Civil, Staff Writer

The Black Mamba, the GOAT, mamba mentality, Kobe Bryant is known by all these names. Kobe Bryant is a retired NBA player who died on January 26 at the age of 41. According to TMZ, who released the story first, he was traveling with his second daughter Gianna Bryant, and seven other people to their basketball practice at Mamba Sports Academy.

As soon as this news broke ground, it broke millions of basketball fans’ hearts. Bryant meant a lot to the basketball community, with many agreeing that you can not write the history of basketball without mentioning Kobe Bryant. In his career, he wore the number 8 and the number 24 for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant has been in the GOAT conversation with Michael Jordan and Lebron James, he has won 5 NBA Championships, 2 gold medals, 2 finals MVP, 2008 NBA MVP, and he was an 18 time all-star.

If not all, almost every celebrity in the world, including US President Donald Trump, had some great words of remembrance to say about Bryant. Basketball Legend Michael Jordan sends his condolences and stated “I am in shock over the tragic news of Kobe’s and Gianna’s passing. Words can’t describe the pain I’m feeling. I loved Kobe – he was like a little brother to me..-”

Kobe Bryant’s last Social Media post on Instagram and Twitter was congratulating and passing the torch to Lebron James who recently passed Bryant in all-time points. With no public response, Lebron James was spotted crying at LAX, after the team landed from their trip from Philadelphia. The whole NBA community is mourning Kobe’s death; yesterday, NBA teams took an 8-second violation and 24-second violation to remember Kobe.

Here at Santaluces, all of the athletes are mourning Bryant’s death. Basketball players who grew up watching Kobe are devastated, with many of then picking up a ball because of the amazing player Bryant was.

Santaluces Varsity Basketball player Chance Dixon, stated “I feel like he’s an inspiration to everyone who picked up a basketball. His ‘mamba mentality’ is not only for sports but it’s something you can use to help you in life.”

Basketball player Jeff Rozier stated, “He was a huge inspiration and a big role model on and off the court.”
There is a saying that legends never die. Kobe is a legend, he might be physically dead, but his mentality and legacy will stay alive.

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