Seniors Slay the Cougars for Senior Night


Rudolph Civil

Seniors basketball players with family and friend.

Rudolph Civil, Staff Writer

The Boys Varsity Basketball team defeated Somerset Academy, 89-72. The Chiefs started to play a little rocky during the first half, with Somerset trailing within a ten point margin. Seniors Crisnel Francois, Chance Dixon, Devonte White, King Metelus, and Jeff Rozier started the game. The Somerset team had great coaching, but they could not hold back the Chiefs from scoring. Besides one player, every player scored during this game. Coach Dixon was able to play a 10 man roster, when he usually plays with 7 during more challenging games.

King Metelus led the team in points with 22 points, his season high for this year. Crisnel followed with 15 points, while Chance had 14 points. If these players can have a great game against their district rival Park Vista, they might have a shot at district champs. The Chiefs need to play with excitement and motivation to build up courage on the court.

The Boys play their first district game at Boca Raton, February 11. They will be playing Lake Worth, and if they win they will play February 12th in the district championship. They also have the district championship on February 12th if they win the first game.