Chloe Ting’s Workout Breakout


Jordan Foldy, Staff Writer

Recently during this quarantine people have been looking for things to do. On social media such as Tik Tok and Instagram there has been a new trend. All around, quarantine has helped people to want to better themselves and focus on their health. Chloe Ting is a fitness YouTuber who has now become the trend besides watching the show Tiger King. Women all around are sharing their journey through her workouts. 

Chloe just recently released all these challenges such as the flat tummy challenge, the hourglass challenge, and the now most popular two week shred challenge. All of her workouts are free and posted on her YouTube and the schedules for each challenge on her website. People started the challenge with little hope of improvement, although this came as a shock that most of them already had made  progress by the end of the two weeks. It became a trend to post their progress throughout the week and have a final before and after. 

Once I saw this on Tik Tok, I passed it and thought nothing of it. I began to see more and more videos on my “For You” page and kept on thinking to myself no way this is true. It finally gained attention when these videos took over all of my YouTube suggestions too. I watched one or two videos and that’s when I saw this was real and effective. I did more research and asked around and everything I saw and heard about her videos was all positive and they all had good results. 

I finally decided to start the challenge after one of my good friends did the challenge and had already had shown great improvement and by the end of the two week she had definition in her abs. Before doing this challenge I was following another workout plan, although she stopped posting her workout so this was my open window to try the challenge. 

Today, I am on the 6th day of Chloe’s 14 day shred challenge. I can already see and feel change in my abdominal muscles along with some more upper body strength. I found the workouts to be hard, yet able to finish strong. Some days when I lack motivation it’s hard to do a 20-40 minute workout, although the motivation to make it through the two weeks to see the progress keeps me going. 

So far I am in love with the workouts. I enjoy doing them first thing in the morning between 7 and 8, only because I feel more motivated throughout the day and better about myself after the workout is done. Not only do her workouts help me physically but also mentally and have a healthy mindset. I plan to continue this challenge all the way through and plan to do more like the 35 day ab challenge and the hourglass challenge. Not only to become more muscular but to stay fit during these hard times. 

If you are looking for something to do or want to get toned during this quarantine, I would fully recommend doing one of these challenges. I find her videos to be motivating and empowering to help you continue. She is a great motivator and strengthener to the mind and body. I am looking forward to seeing my results next week!