Chief Athletes Still Training


Alayna Reddick

Junior Yash Patel returns to the dugout.

Jordan Foldy, Sports Editor

Even though school is out and all sports have been cancelled for now, Chief athletes are still going. It is important as an athlete to keep going even in conditions like this. Even if it’s just a few push ups or a little run around the neighborhood. A few of our athletes express what they have been doing to stay active in general and for their individual sports.

Baseball player senior Yash Patel has continued to lift so he can get stronger for the next season that he plays. To continue practicing baseball he is hitting in his back yard off of a tee into a net. 

 “I hate that spring sports were cancelled and I just wish I had a senior season,”  he said.

It’s sad for all those seniors who can’t have their last moment of glory especially if they aren’t continuing after high school. Still, Yash continues to work hard and eat right with a diet of chicken and veggies and an unhealthy snack here and there. 

Girls basketball player Fabienne Noel is not able to practice her skills due to all the courts being closed although she is working out at home and practicing some types of drills with a tennis ball. She works out with her brother.

 “He’s a personal fitness trainer so we go at it early in the morning to keep me in shape,” she said.

Fabienne continues to stay fit and hopes that she can get back on the courts soon. 

Junior Max Sorensen, varsity baseball player says that he is continuing to train for the next season and is harnessing his skills everyday along with staying active and lifting weights and running. Max expressed that he is mad at the fact that the season was cancelled due to his love for the game but is looking forward to the next time he can play.  

Ally Cecilio, a  senior softball player is continuing to hit in her yard along with running around her neighborhood. 

“I feel a bit sad due to my senior night being cancelled but I know when this is all over, as a team we can do something to celebrate,” she said. 

The softball team is still staying in contact with one another and is doing their best to stay fit. Ally’s diet consists of lots of water, gatorade, a big breakfast, and lots of meat for dinner.

Seasons being cancelled is upsetting to most but the best thing to do is stay positive, don’t give up, continue to work hard, and eat healthy. Our chiefs athletes are sticking together and continuing to stay strong and build their skills.