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Jenise Mass
Hello, my name is Jenise, and I'm a senior at Santaluces. I joined Newspaper this year to become more involved with my school and because I'm interested in journalism. After high school I plan to earn my Associate's Degree at a community college, then transfer to a state university for my Bachelor's Degree. I love video games and animation; it is a dream of mine to be a part of making video games as an animator and I hope to eventually work for my favorite developer Naughty Dog. My favorite game is The Last of Us. I love music and will listen to just about anything (except country). I love sloths and dogs. I'm an avid fan of Marvel and my favorite characters are Captain America and Spider-Man, and not just because I'm in love with Chris Evans and Tom Holland. This year, I'm excited to provide my input on SHS The Tribe and contribute to my school.

Jenise Mass, Staff Writer

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