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Marcela Alfaya
My name is Marcela Alfaya, I’m sixteen, and I like to write. My love of writing stems from reading a multitude of books and always wanting to write my own one day. Eventually, I dropped the idea of becoming a book author but I still managed to enjoy writing. This class was actually, not my first choice but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. During the summer I went to schedule pick-up and realized my schedule was nothing like how I wanted it to be and I wanted it changed. When I went to go speak to Mrs. S. Robinson, she recommended this class to me when she saw my writing scores. Now that I am here, it has finally dawned on me that this is Newspaper and I think it’s a really exciting concept that I’m willing to pursue. As soon as Mrs.Clifton started explaining what we really do here, I realized that this class is one that I can honestly find an interest in. It’s important to understand that being able to ask tough questions and help educate the general population on pressing matters is crucial, especially when in most cases, the general population is affected the most.

Marcela Alfaya, Staff Writer

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