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Lizzy Saba
My name is Elizabeth a.k.a Lizzy. I am a senior chief here at Santaluces. I'm a staff writer and photographer, they're my two favorite things. I am also a Varsity Cheerleader...

I currently work at Yankee Candle down in Boynton Beach, y'all should come visit me. I'm some-what of a geek when it comes to Vis Tech and web design programs. Pretty Little Liars is my all time favorite show. I will be attending Florida Gulf Coast University, in Ft. Myers, FL in the fall (2015) go eagles! I absolutely adore Mrs. Clifton. And one fun fact is that I have a slight obsession with cats (OCD-obsessive cat disorder) except I'm sadly allergic and I have five of them.


Lizzy Saba, Staff Writer & Photographer

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Lizzy Saba