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Sorana Joseph
Hello, my name is Sorana Joseph and I'm a junior at Santaluces. I often find myself alone and my mind raging, bouncing from one point to another. I can't ever seem to find a proper outlet to put that chaos to. Perhaps that's the reason I joined journalism. I want to be someday look back and acknowledge that I was able to contribute to and be part of such a great community. When I'm not churning out some half-baked ideas, I apply myself to art, photography, and books. If you ever need any advice on books - don't come to me, I'll  get too excited to speak legibly.  I love meeting new people, even if I struggle with actually introducing myself. Then I start to question the possibility that whatever conversation I'm having isn't really happening.  There's no real way of telling whether or not the people I'm talking to even exist - or if I even exist.

Sorana Joseph, Staff Writer

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