Seniors Look Toward the End


The senior hallway on the first week of school.

As they enter their final year in the halls of Santaluces High, many seniors anticipate walking in their caps and gowns as it rewards them for the hard work that they did the past four years. Meanwhile others already start to feel like they will miss high school. Plenty of seniors already know what college they plan on going to and what they plan on doing for the rest of their lives. Which brings us to face the moment of truth: Applying to college. Before we start running into pep rallies, getting ready for prom and taking graduation photos we have to apply to college. While some students are involved in as much as they can in school to impress the most prestigious colleges, many students don’t have as much to put on a resume, which makes a lot of us wonder what have we been doing in the past four years. Although senior year is full of excitement, adventures and memories, there is also plenty of stress when it comes to the longs college application process. From ACTs to SATs and college essays, many seniors have plenty to worry about, not to mention jobs, extracurricular activities and finishing high school. That’s why we should get that hectic process out of the way as soon as we can so we can fully indulge in our last year in high school as seniors