Top Ten Now and Then: Everything but the Turkey


We all know that turkey, chicken, and ham are the centerpieces of the holiday season.  But these foods, alone, don’t make the seasonal holidays special.  The side dishes are supposed to complement the main course and if you choose the wrong ones your guests may leave your house full, but there’s a difference between being just full and being satisfied.

10: Biscuits- Even though they’re small and somewhat insignificant, no table would be complete without them.  We all know that when there’s soup on the table, biscuits should be present.

9: Glazed carrots- Personally carrots are my favorite vegetable. You could say that me and Bugs Bunny have a lot in common. Carrots(especially glazed) add that colorful element to your grand selection of food.

8. Sweet potatoes(yams)- Sweet food is always welcomed in your bountiful feast, in fact it’s encouraged. Yams have a nice thick sweet taste that can soak up the flavors and send your taste buds on a flavor vacation.

7. String beans- As far as those “green vegetables” go, these would have to be my favorite.  They’re not bursting with flavor, but if seasoned correctly, you’ll definitely have no problem cleaning the left-overs(if there are any).

6. Apple pie-  Apple pie has become a symbol of American culture. It would only be fitting to add this delicious dessert to our list of favorites.

5. Corn bread- Completely different from biscuits, some things just taste better with the soft and mildly sweet flavor of a widely favorited bread.

4. Pumpkin pie- Whenever you think of Thanksgiving desserts, pumpkin pie should be at the top of the list. There’s absolutely no other pastry during Thanksgiving that gets as popular as this.

3. Mac and cheese- Sometimes the simple things are the best things, who would of thought that a simple noodle and cheese mix would taste so great. Without this on your table you may feel a sense of emptiness.

2. Potato salad- This by far has to be my favorite “salad.”  After you’re done eating and conversing with your loved ones, this dish is one of the first to be put in the take-home boxes.

1. Mashed potatoes- There’s no way you can have Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes.  It complements so many things, the meats and the sweets alike. This is something that absolutely needs to be taken home and to have tons of it made.  If you’re looking to satisfy any guest, you cannot go wrong with mashed potatoes.