Pathfinder Spotlight: Meet Arren Richter

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

This year, representing Santaluces for debate is senior Arren Richter.

Richter has three years in experience and has been to numerous competitions in Florida and Louisiana.

Richter always had planned on joining debate, but never really had the opportunity to until he moved to Louisiana during his sophomore year. In Louisiana, there were no other electives available, this gave him the chance to finally push himself to join and discover his natural talent for speaking. Debate automatically appealed to Richter, who has a serious love for arguing and expressing his thoughts.

Richter feels like he best represents this category because of his ability to adapt to other events.

“While many of the other people here specialize in only one event,” said Richter. “I can easily adapt and do multiple events from Lincoln Douglas to Duo Interpretation.”

Richter intends on doing debate in college, where he will also pursue a degree in mathematics. If Richter wins his category, he plans on using all the money towards college expenses.

Richter has been preparing nonstop for his interview with the help of the debate teacher, Mr. Lifson. He already has written the speech but he still continues to improve it each week until the interview from the Palm Beach Post takes place.

“He has a wide breadth of experience, he’s informed, articulate and passionate,” said Mr. Lifson. “He’s an inspiration to the others in the class as well.”