Pathfinder Spotlight: Meet Shannon Lechon


Helen Burdier, Entertainment Editor

For most students, a love for literature can help them get better grades in their English classes, but for senior Shannon Lechon, it can help pay for her college education. Lechon is representing Santaluces as one of the chosen Pathfinder nominees. Her category is Literature.

Lechon’s love for literature isn’t based only on the pages of a book, instead it stems from the effect literature can have on whoever reads its words.

“The way literature can affect people in so many different ways is so interesting,” said Lechon. “There are always stories about how books have saved people’s lives or how someone feels that a book really understands them, and I think that’s really amazing.”

Lechon’s journey to reaching the title of Pathfinder nominee wasn’t one she went on alone; she was lead down the path by her various English teachers, at Santaluces and in middle school.

“I had an English teacher in middle school who was really passionate about his subject and would always give us really interesting books to read,” said Lechon. “His passion sort of bled into all of us and it was an amazing class. I wanted to do something with literature after that class.”

In order to become the the Pathfinder nominee, Lechon had to undergo an interview with some of Santaluces’ English teachers. Although she competed with her fellow classmates, Lechon had a leg up.

“I’ve been really passionate about literature for a very long time now,” said Lechon. “I have loved books since I was little and I really have a dream of taking my passion and turning it into a career.”

Although she’s focused on the approaching Pathfinder interview, Lechon is also focused on her life after graduation in May.

“I’ll probably stay in Florida for my first few years of college,” said Lechon. “I really want to move to New York and get an internship at the publishing houses there. I want to eventually become a novel editor for a publishing company and do my own novel writing on the side.”

If Lechon wins in her category at the Pathfinder interview on March 11th, she already has a plan for the scholarship prize.

“It’ll go to college funds and supporting myself,” said Lechon. “Because I’m going to a bigger state school, I don’t expect living to be cheap, especially since I want to live in an apartment. It would also serve to fund the overseas learning I want to do.”

Even if Lechon doesn’t win the first place prize of $4,000, there are also scholarships given to second, third, and fourth place winners.