Surviving Sophomore Year 101

Stephanie Ballesteros, Staff Writer

Sophomores don’t really get a label. For example, the freshmen are the fresh meat, the juniors are the wannabe seniors, and the seniors, well, they’re the queens and kings of high school. Sophomore year, however, is a very awkward school year. You’re stuck in the middle and you probably start doubting if you’re living your high school life correctly. If that’s even a thing. Here’s some tips on how to keep high school manageable.

  • Don’t focus so much on the drama that’s going on around you, even if it somehow involves you. High School only lasts four years. Whatever it is that you’re worrying/stressing about right now most likely won’t matter after high school. It might not even matter your after junior year. Don’t let negative people bring you down with the drama they carry with them.
  • Choose your friends wisely. You probably have a group of friends that you have been with since middle school up until now. If they’re not distracting you from your academic life then by all means, stay friends with them, but if they’re creating more problems for you than solving them, you might want to reconsider your friendship with them.
  • Follow the rules. Don’t start breaking the rules just because you feel part of the school now. Your freshmen year you probably always followed the rules because you were new and everything most likely scared you. You definitely should feel more confident this school year but it’s still important to follow all of the rules this school makes, no matter if you agree with them or not. This will keep you out of trouble.
  • Don’t start slacking in your classes. Every school year is important and you shouldn’t “relax” for any year. No matter what classes you signed up for, you should always try your best on each one. You really don’t want the GPA you worked so hard for in freshman year to go down just because you slacked off. Give it your all because at the end of the day, it’ll be beneficial to you.

Have fun your Sophomore year! Don’t let the upperclassmen intimidate you or make you feel bad. You are a part of this school. With that being said, go to every school game, homecoming, pep rallys, field trips, and even the after school events. High School year can be so much fun if you make it.