Homecoming and SAT


Brittany Travis, Co-Editor

The timing for homecoming this year is something many seniors are having problems with. Homecoming just so happens to land the night before the November 4th SAT, the last chance many seniors have to take the SAT before college applications have to be sent out. This forces some students to choose which event they will be focusing on, the dance or the SAT. Not everyone feels like they are able to have a good time at the dance, which lasts until 11pm, go home and then wake up the next morning with enough time to be at school before 8 am. Going into the SAT tired is not something you want to do, the test is long and will only seem to drag on forever if you’re not well-rested.

On the other hand, some students see this as a last chance to relax and take their minds off of worrying about the SAT. Stressing and trying to cram the night before the test won’t help you do well on it. It actually may cause you to do worse. Being tired from the dance and being tired from last minute review both have the same consequences.

It’s all a matter of perspective, if you think you can balance doing both then go for it, if not then pick which one based on your priorities. This timing issue only applies to a small portion of people hoping to attend the dance, so don’t stress too much about it.