Clubs Raise Money to Fight Cancer


Brittany Travis, Co-Editor

NHS, NAHS, and Anime Club are teaming up to participate in fundraising for the American Cancer Society in preparation for the upcoming Relay For Life. This year Santaluces will be going to the Relay For Life held at the South Florida Fair Grounds on Saturday, March 10th from 3pm-11pm. The theme this year is “A Blast From the Past for a Future Without Cancer”.

This year there are four different fundraising options:donation scratch off, cupcake slip,HOPE, or social media. These tactics bring some variety to the typical fundraising means, which can sometimes be tiring to constantly hear. The donation scratch off is probably the most daring of the choices. With a total of 25 scratch off sections the whole sheet is worth $100; however, you can choose which box to scratch off and only have to pay the amount you get. The highest amount one box would have is $10 and the lowest is $1. The cupcake slips are similar to what Publix does for the March of Dimes; for $1 you can buy a cupcake slip, write your name on it, and have it posted in the window of the Main Office. For HOPE you can choose an amount to donate and fill a box on a sheet that spells out HOPE, sort of like it’s made out of crossword puzzle boxes.

If you are planning to attend Relay For Life, which I highly recommend, if you sign up online you will be given a link you can share on any social media platform to raise money. This method is one of the most effective if the effort is there. If you aren’t planning on attending but you still want to make a difference you can check the social media of people you know are attending to see if they have the link posted.

Fundraising started this week, so if you have any money you can donate find a member of any of these clubs and pick which method you want to go through.