Mr. Winkles, The King of Sarcasm


Image depicting Mr.Winkles’ lanyard.

Alayna Reddick, Staff Writer

Mr.Winkles is the new history teacher on campus. With becoming the only AP U.S. Government teacher, students that wish to take the course must endure his witty sarcasm for a whole year. Sophomores to Seniors, Mr.Winkles has been having a growing impact on the students of Santaluces.

What do you teach?

AP U.S. Government, Psychology, and U.S. History

How long have you been at Santaluces?

2 ½ years

Why do you love Santaluces?

“The people are very real here.”

What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

“I like to go to the beach, and go golfing and boating. I like golf because it’s more like an action movie for me. See the ball? No. I’ll drop another one!”

Where do you get your famous sarcasm?

“I call it being literal.”