Three Reasons Why Tuesdays Are Now Better Than Fridays

MTVs newest Tuesday night show Happyland.

MTV’s newest Tuesday night show Happyland.

Skylar Cross, Blog and Social Media Editor

It’s simple. Matty, Liam, and Ian. This month MTV has jam packed their Tuesday nights with three great watches. These shows include Awkward., Faking It, and Happyland.

Awkward. kicked off its fourth season with high intensity. Unexpectedly, Matty sided with Jenna after an entire third season tied to the hip with Eva (or should I say Amber?) and all the audience could do is sit back and watch Matty be manipulated. This season premiere, I have to say, was probably the best one I’ve seen in a long tinme. Partly because Beau Mirchoff (Matty) is such a phenomenal actor. Never is his performance questionable and he just continues to impress. So you can start your Tuesday night entertainment off with Awkward. at 10:30/9:30c.

Up next is Faking It at 11/10c. Faking It started its second season, picking up right where it left off. Which was a pleasant surprise considering season one ended with such a cliffhanging (and an extremely shocking one, at that). This season is already full of new secrets and still the same unusual love triangle between Karma, Amy, and Liam.Though the acting is not at the George Clooney level, it doesn’t disappoint, and the entertaining storyline makes up for it entirely.

Following Faking It, is MTV’s brand new show Happyland. Although the season premiere was just this past Tuesday and I only have one episode to back up my argument, Happyland left a great first impression and I was hooked within the first five minutes. The phrase that best sums up my opinion on the show is so far so good. The acting has thus far been adequate. I can’t complain.  The story follows a group of employees that work at an amusement park called Happyland. The show has a perfect mix of comedy and drama.

So no more waiting impatiently for Friday, dreading the rest of the week. Now you have three good reasons to look forward to Tuesdays.

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