5 Organization Tips for a Messy Student

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

As a senior I have spent the previous years trying to find out what routine works best for me. I’ve learned that, to function efficiently in life in and out of school, you need to be organized. Coming back into school after having been in summer, it was a little hard to get back in line with my organized routine. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on how to manage everything life throws at me, but I do recognize everything I’ve done that has helped me out a lot.

Here are a list of five steps to help you become a more efficient student:

1. Get an agenda and stick to it- I cannot tell you how many times my agenda has saved me from forgetting an important assignment. Make sure to schedule out your days ahead of you too. This prevents me from procrastinating and keeps me on top of my work. Once you’ve finished an assignment, highlight it in your agenda.

2. Get a folder for every subject- One of my biggest pet peeves is when a worksheet is in the wrong subject’s folder. Having a folder for each class is the best way to keep your backpack neat. It also allows for a hassle free time when searching for worksheets.

3. Take organized notes- write neatly in your favorite pen and use highlighters for important parts. If your teacher allows it, write your notes in any order you prefer them. Your notes, if taken properly, will be your key to passing.

4. Start projects as soon as you know what they are- Work on a little of your project every day. That way you aren’t rushing the night before. Just make sure to have it done by the due date, of course.

5. As soon as you get home, do your homework- I live by this rule. Even though it can be tempting, forget about your phone and just sit down to focus on your homework. Do it before your favorite TV show comes on. Get done with it so that you can have all the fun you want after.