#Mermaidthighs Builds Confidence

Kayla Restivo, Staff Writer

Body positivity is the whole the point of this hashtag. In this day and age it’s hard to feel good about yourself. There are all the negative comments from people, then there are all the magazines that keeping drilling in your head that you need to be skinny to be pretty and you should have a thigh gap, and all these ridiculous expectations for your body.

#Mermaidthighs is about girls and guys with thick thighs in order to love their body just the way it is. It’s also cool to say considering thick thighs touch, so you are one step closer to being a mermaid.

Being a girl who was told that I would look cuter with a thigh gap, this is a great thing to feel good about myself, as well as others. I think this movement is amazing since it’s all about body positivity and the world needs more positivity. No one should tell another person that their body isn’t beautiful because it’s their body not yours. Everyone is pretty in their own way.

Senior Madison Garcia says, ” I think the hashtag is a great thing. More body positivity needs to be spread.”

People need to understand words hurt and they stick with that person. That comment you make about someone could really hurt that person and it could be the breaking point for them. Everyone just needs to be nice to everyone and keep rude comments to themselves.

In recent times, hashtags have been bringing important things to light such as body positivity, the Black Lives Matter movement, and feminism. When we all go on social media and talk about these important topics, it starts movements and it gets people talking. By going on social media and posting all the time about certain topics, you are waking people up to the reality of the world and all the things that need to be fixed. We all need to speak up to change the world for the better. Silence does nothing, speak up about important topics to you and watch the change begin.