Chiefs of Santaluces: Sierra Devericks


Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

“My favorite memory would have to be my 16th birthday. On a Saturday, my friends Sebastian, Kayla, Vanessa, Gabby, Aryanna, and I went to Clematis to do a room escape. We got locked in a sanitarium themed room and had to find our way out. We all struggled in the beginning because we didn’t even know where to begin. We had an hour to find our way out. We laughed so much and we didn’t even manage to get out in time. Afterwards, we walked to City Place and we had dinner at City Pizza. We had a lot of good laughs and made great memories. After that we went to Rita’s Ice and Starbucks and we all hung out and talked for a while. This was one of the best nights I’ve had with my friends and one of my favorite memories.”