Is Really Over?

Christopher Vargas, Entertainment editor it is supposedly shutting down. What that really means is that it will no longer be available on the app store. This removal doesn’t mean the end for, it’s actually far from it. Believe it or not, is going to be stronger than it was before. just in fact merged with a Chinese video app outlet called TikTok.

Tiktok is currently the fastest growing app on the app store now because of its new identity. Before the union, TikTok had averaged around 300 million monthly users in China. Now imagine that kind of growth with something as big in America. The merge from with TikTok is worth up to one billion dollars. Keep note that, users who first started in will be automatically put into TikTok so they will retain all of their followers.

The union between the two companies ensures that everything will be the same for except more people get to experience it. In the near future, Tok will be a powerhouse in the video sharing world.