Seniors: Make it in the Yearbook


Aliya Linan

The excitement of senior year is finally here. You may be applying to college or applying for scholarships or maybe senioritis has already kicked in. No matter how you choose to start your senior year, there’s one important thing you must remember: get your senior photos done.

An enjoyable high school memory to look back on is your senior yearbook. You’ll be able to recall all the familiar friends and faces. From Kindergarten to Junior year, schools all over usually have their students take their yearbook photos at school. As a senior, your yearbook photo is taken off campus.

In order to have your photo in the yearbook you must schedule a photoshoot appointment with Prestige Portraits. It cost at the most, $25 to have your photos taken there, but this will secure your picture in the yearbook. Don’t worry, they take several photos to make sure they get your best angles. Not only do they take your senior picture here but they also take cap and gown photos and depending on the package, they may give the option to bring two extra outfits. For all the sports players, you can bring your jersey and take pictures showing off your sport.

The last day to schedule an appointment is October 5, 2018. Try to get your appointment scheduled as soon as possible because it takes at least two weeks to receive your proofs. You can schedule your appointment at 561-686-1994 or online.