Growing With Unity: MSD Tree


Melanie Guzman, Staff Writer

On February 14th, 2018 a horrific tragedy occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where seventeen beautiful lives were lost. Countless students across the nation have stood up against gun violence and have made sure that their voices were heard. From the creation of March for Our Lives, to protests made in front of city halls, memorials in honor of these lives have been made in schools both near and far. Despite the countless memorials made, the only way we will truly be able to see change is if we unite as one; Stand by one another in times of need and lending a helping hand to those who are suffering.

This Valentines Day, on the one year anniversary of this incident, our Chiefs have decided to be the change this world wishes to see. In memoriam of this senseless tragedy, the members of the Student Government Association have planted a tree, symbolizing the growth that both our students and this county will grow with. The tree may be small, but within the next few years, it will flourish with beauty and grace. The tree was planted in the bus loop; a spot where students can see it almost everyday and remember why it was planted in the first place. With the help of our Chiefs involved with Key Club, seventeen rocks were set beneath the growing tree; each depicting a positive message for change. On the day of the memorial, the class officers of each grade level were able to set a rock below the tree for each name of a life lost on the day of the tragedy. Students were asked to remain silent during this time to honor those lives and did an excellent job doing so.

SGA sponsor Ms. Matuella mentioned that “the tree serves as a reminder for students of what happened not only to Stoneman Douglas High School, but also all of the school shootings prior to the incident. This tree shows how we will grow as one in the near future.” Senior, Crecia Lumas also mentioned that the tree “represents new beginnings as time goes on after these tragedies.”

In the future, we hope that this tree can symbolize how far we have come during such a critical turning point in our lives.