Chuck E. Cheese Conspiracy


Creative Commons

Photograph of a local Chuck E Cheese’s

Melanie Guzman, Staff Writer

Social media influencer Shane Dawson recently posted a youtube video criticizing the way that his local Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza looked. Each pizza slice seemed to be a different size and simply did not fit in as a whole pie of pizza should. Dawson immediately made the assumption that these pizza slices were recycled from parties that did not eat them and were then put together to form a new pie. Since the video of his conspiracy was posted, countless other social media stars have decided to put their local Chuck E. Cheese’s to the test and try it out for themselves. To a surprise, many other social media influencers have also noticed how this conspiracy might just be a reality.

In the video, Dawson mentioned that he noticed how these pizzas had an odd fit since the age of 10. He never thought much of it, considering he would attend simply for the games. As the years passed, his concern for the pizza continued to grow as he continued to realize the same incident occurring. Dawson and a few of his friends decided to head on over to Chuck E. Cheese with a family friend who had a young son. They immediately ordered a pepperoni pizza to see if the pepperonis would continue on to the slice right next to it, proving that the pizza was fresh. When they received the pizza, they noticed not only how every part of the pizza slice was cooked at a different temperature, but each one was a different size, and each peperoni did not continue on to the slice of pizza next to it. Dawson mentioned that he Chuck E. Cheese building emphasized their fresh foods with sayings such as “Fresh and made to order.” This caused dawson to become even more questionable.

Former Chuck E. Cheese employee Dennis Enamorado mentioned “I think the hoax goes to show just how quickly people will believe anyone of great influence. My location makes whole pizzas for all customers and are completely fresh.” Senior, Madison Ford mentioned, “we tend to not think about incidents like these but I think it is very important to always keep it in mind.”

Although this was just a conspiracy brought up by Dawson, he has received both support and criticism for it. Some people refuse to accept the words said by Chuck E. Cheese and believe the conspiracies. Others think it is just a hoax in attempt to degrade the company.


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