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Spring break is a time after the third quarter in which allows students to unwind and relax. As a student, it’s important to utilize this time to hang out with friends and do activities you may not usually have the time for if it were a regular school week.

For my spring break I plan to go out and have fun! As my birthday is fast approaching, I want to take spring break to hang out with family and celebrate. With it being my last spring break of my high school journey, I want to spend it with my friends that I have not seen in a while or never have the chance to hang out outside of school hours.

I also plan on cheering for my favorite sports teams! With March Madness starting soon, I plan on rooting for Florida State to win it all this year and take the championship home to Tallahassee.

For students in all grades, here are a few ideas on what to do during your spring break:

  • Go out and tour college campuses! Get a general idea and narrow your college search. If you’re a freshman, it’s never too early to start looking at where you want to attend.
  • Go to the beach or a theme park! It’s Florida, one of the biggest destinations for people from all of the world for spring break.
  • Go hang out with friends! Ideas can be going to watch a movie (such as Captain. Marvel) or bowling.
  • Travel the world! We are entering the prime time of our lives, go out and explore while you are young!
  • Be productive! Catch up on lessons you may have missed in school or organize your backpack.

As a student, you should use your spring break time to go out and have some fun. Even if it’s uneventful, take the time to relax!

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