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Thankfully, my birthday is placed perfectly on spring break. This means every year spring break is dedicated to how I want to spend it, and how I go into my next year. The first Saturday of spring break I am having a little get together with my friends. This will be so nice, as it is a relaxing introduction into getting away from stressful classes.

I also took off everyday of spring break besides one. This is a nice change to summer or winter break where I tried to work as much as possible. The relaxation of this week is so needed, as I have been feeling very stretched to meet all of the demands of school. Pushing my sleep back an hour each night adds up, especially at the end of the quarter.

During break I also aim to watch the new Captain Marvel movie so that I can do a review for the video series, Chief Critiques. I will of course do this with my close friend, Kailyn, who I collab with on many of the stories and videos published here on The Tribe. This is one of my favorite parts of being a member of this newspaper.

The nostalgic fight for a parking spot at the beach is also in the near future for me. There is nothing like waking up at 7 a.m. to battle tourists for a spot at the beach, where you will probably spend your whole day. Honestly, it’s one of the weird things that I enjoy in this world. Spoken like a true Floridian.

The dread behind spring break assignments is the only thing weighing me down in the end. Due to the upcoming exams after spring break, many teachers have given assignments aimed to improve our performance on AICE and AP exams. Although I fully understand why we have them, it is not going to be my favorite part of my break by far.


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