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I am so excited for this spring break. I feel like I have been so stressed out this year between making my grades look good for colleges, dual enrollment, SAT, and dealing with college applications. Now that I have gotten into the school of my dreams, FSU, I am excited to take a break and reward myself for all of my accomplishments this year.

To start off my break, I will be spending the weekend in Ft.Lauderdale to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My mom has planned a surprise weekend trip for him that only her and I know about. We’ll be spending the weekend at the pool, beach and we’re going to go to a special dinner for him Saturday night.

Besides celebrating my dad’s birthday, the number one thing I am looking forward to is catching up on sleep. When I’m not sleeping in I will most likely be hanging out with some friends. Some of the things we have planned for this spring break is going to South Beach, doing an escape room and also having a bonfire. Most of the time, my friends and I will just hang out at someones house and have what we like to call ‘girls night’. During ‘girls night’ we’ll order food, make a trip to Walmart for snacks, do face masks and watch movies or binge watch shows.

Another thing I have to do during the break is study. This year, I have two AICE exams and an AP exam to take. Although I am the biggest procrastinator I know, I am also very determined. So I will study, as much as I can until spring break mode takes over.

I highly recommend going out of your comfort zone and trying some different activities this spring break. For example, go to a museum, water park, do a photoshoot with friends or try eating at a restaurant you’ve never ate at before. But most importantly, relax, dont stress and enjoy your spring break.


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