Nia Ford

Araceli Velasquez

This spring break will hopefully be a eventful one. As of now I only have one big event planned, which is going to the international raceway to see of course, the cars race. I will also, hopefully go to a car show and see my family’s cars in the show in picture below is my dads (left) and my moms (right) old mobile cars. Plans that I have that aren’t set in stone are going to the Rapids water park with my family, and hanging out with my friends. Also I’m gonna do some spring cleaning, redecorating my room cause, why not. But most likely i’ll just stay home and read some books considering I have way too many unread ones or just watch Netflixs.

Things that I would like to do would be go to the beach, I would also like to go to adrenaline trampoline park or go to Xtreme action park, my brother went and he spoke highly of it so I would like to see Xtreme for myself. I also have a camera and I would really like to learn how to use it to a higher degree and possibly go to Wynwood an take photos.


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