Nia Ford

Christopher Vargas

For spring break I’m going to spend time with friends and family. Frequent trips to the beach is going to be a majority of my beak. It has been ages since I’ve been able to spend time with all of my family at the beach. I haven’t gotten the chance recently because of studying for the school SAT, but now that it’s over I’m entirely free.

However with my siblings being in Scouts they would most likely want me to help them with their Pinewood Derby car competition. I never experienced such a competition but the fundamentals seems simple, not for a kid but for a young adult like me. You start off by making a homemade car with a solid block of wood and instead of using big construction tools you have a miniature saw to cut out precise pieces and turn you slab of wood to a car. I already began to help them but they want the fastest car so I’ll mostly be trapped in the dark garage with a miniature saw and a pile of wood blocks.

 If I am given the privilege to leave the dreary garage you’ll probably see me celebrating Yunza in Miami. My uncle hosts the Yunza in February


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