Nia Ford

Gabrielle Villanueva

My spring break will start rough since I am working 8 hour shifts till the 22nd of March. Working at Starbucks made me more independent and learned new skills such as making drinks. I started working at Starbucks without any knowledge about their coffees and the only drinks I knew was the frappuccinos. I feel the warmth and welcoming embrace by the co-baristas. They help me become a better one and help me with little problems I go through with rough customers.

Tuesday I will get my eyelashes done by this famous eyelash technician I found on Instagram. I am kind of scared getting them done but I always wanted to get it done. Tuesday is my only day off till Thursday and Friday. I am hoping to spend my days off with my friends since I have not seen them in forever. We are planning little things during the break. Being spontaneous with plans are the best days of my life.

My friends and I are planning to go Peanut Island for a day and do all the water sports available in the facilities. I am excited to go to the beach with my friends. I love the beach because it is just so calming and relaxing. It just has that vibe that makes me super happy. For the 22nd of March, my mom is planning something for us to do since I have not hung out with her in a while. She loves Universal Studios so I think we are going the 22nd with her boyfriend. Then, the 23rd my mom and I are going prom dress shopping since prom is coming up and I need a dress. I want my dress to be perfect for me.

Furthermore, the rest of my spring break will consist of working and doing a lot of homework given by my teachers. What is a break without homework from my AP and AICE teachers?


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