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Without a doubt, mostly everyone is looking forward to spring break. For seniors, this is their last high school break. That is why it is important to make it memorable.

To make the most out of your spring break, you must organize your time. For example, set time for your friends, as well as your family. As horrible as this may sound, it will probably be a good idea to set time aside to catch up on assignments. Especially seniors, seeing as their final grades are due earlier than the rest.

If you work, it will be harder to enjoy the break. However, it is not impossible. If your boss is really strict about calling off, then just work around your schedule. If you have to work evenings, find something to do in the morning. Of course, you may want to sleep in a few days, but sometimes it is worth waking up early. For example, I love to wake up early at least two saturdays of the month and go to see the sunrise. Although it is hard getting out of bed, once I see those amazing light rays and beautiful colors, it is all worthwhile.

Some may have very strict parents and going out may seem more like a hassle than a fun event. If this is your case, then I suggest to just remain calm. It may be hard, seeing as Snapchat has made it very easy to see when your friends are having fun without you. However, you will not gain anything from picking a fight with your parents, hear their side of the story and come to an agreement. Maybe they will want to set an early curfew or other rules, something is better than nothing, so just comply.

Now that these small suggestions are out of the way, here are some fun activities to do during your break.

Go to the Beach

This is a classic. It is an absolute must to go at least once during spring break. Call up a few of your friends and head to the beach, or grab a towel and go on your own. It is always fun soaking up in the sun and hearing the waves crash. However, don’t forget to put on sunscreen, your skin will thank you later.

Go Adventure-hunting

Since school takes up a good amount of the day, having time for spontaneous travels may not seem realistic. That is why, you should take this week to find new spots. Go look for a new diner, a cool hideout, or even a nice nature place.

Whatever you decide to do during your break, just remember to stay safe and always let somebody know of your whereabouts. Have a great spring break Chiefs!

My Spring Break

Now that I am a senior, I have been looking forward to Spring Break more than any other year. I am super excited that only 6 weeks after coming back from the break, it will be my last high school day.

Although I work the entire weekend before Spring Break, I have asked off the weekend before we get back to school. During that weekend, I will be going to Georgia to attend my cousin’s quinceañera. I go to Georgia at least three times a year. Usually though, I tend to go during the cold time and not the spring season.

Aside from going to Georgia, I will be going to the animal shelter. My friend has been wanting to get a dog for months now, so I am going to help him find his new best friend. I love going to animal shelters! I love walking into a place where I can hear adorable barks and purrs. I usually tend to go to Peggy Adams, so that will most likely be the place I take him.

Since my friend is going to get a dog, that motivated me to finally buy another hamster. I currently have a female hamster, but now I want a male. Since hamsters only tend to live about 2 years, I want to be able to have mini Lucys (my current hamster). I really hope to get a new hamster before the spring break ends.

I think the best part of my spring break is that I will be going car shopping. This will be my first car and I cannot be more excited. My mom was going to wait until graduation; however, she realizes that I am in need of a car now. So, we decided to go check some cars out during the break and hopefully find the one.

I cannot believe that this will be the last time I go out for spring break in Santaluces High. It is crazy to believe that my high school career is almost over.

Have a great spring break Chiefs!


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