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Zayra Trejo

Spring Break is finally here and everybody’s pulling out those last minute plans including me. Although I do not have an entire vacation planned out through the week, I know my friends and I will pull through with a spontaneous and last minute plan. I’m excited to finally have another small break. I’ll be doing little things here and there such as prom dress shopping. I don’t have an exact store to go to when prom dress shopping so I might just have to everywhere and anywhere. I am also ready to binge-watch and catch up on my favorite shows on Netflix like The Umbrella Academy and On My Block.

Since I don’t have exact plans this spring break, I’m sure my friends will pull through. We will try to go to the beach as often as we can and just spend time with each other. We also have plans to go to Peanut Island and participate in many water activities such as kayaking. We’ll see if these plans are successful because of the weather. We also have plans for a bonfire during spring break.

Hopefully, I’ll continue my job hunt and successfully find one because I am tired of being broke. I just want my own money. Spring break will also allow me to spend more time with family since I hardly see them. During the school year, all I do is study and nap. I never really have time to actually spend time with them.

I also have a spring break packet for my AICE Thinking Skills class and honestly, I am already over it and I haven’t even started it. This is the only class that is giving me a spring break packet. Also, to start off the spring break, I have an essay to write but that’s okay because at least I’m getting paid for it.

I hope this spring break is the best one I ever had.


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