The Chiefs Went Fishing and Caught a Big One


Rudolph Civil

Noah Kurtz getting his blocks.

Rudolph Civil, Staff Writer

The Chiefs left no rooms for the sharks to swim. Santaluces defeated Spanish River 40-0 on Thursday, October 4th.

In the first half, the Chiefs did not allow any first downs, scoring their first touchdown with the aid of Valdemir Carnegie in less than four minutes. Josue Granados followed up by scoring one point with a field goal.

On the next offensive down,  Lawrence Armstead scored a 70 yard touchdown. The Chiefs continued their attack with Tyler Bean and Jacobi Harrington, scoring a touchdown. Towards the end of the game, Taenard Boyd scored back to back touchdowns.

Josue Granados made a career high of 4 field goals.

In the second half, the Chiefs confidence went through the roof. Coach decided to put two defensive linebackers in as running backs. One of the linebackers, Erlens Louicius, scored a touchdown, but it was called back by the referees.


With their homecoming game next week, the Chiefs face John I Lernard on Friday, October 11th.